For Men

Man’s Facial

Specially designed for needs of male skin. This treatment nourishes, refreshes and soothes while assisting in the prevention of razor burn sensitivity and folliculitis.

1 hour

$65.00, with massage $85.00

Back “Facial”

A deep cleansing treatment for your back.

55 min

Special $70.00 (Reg. $75.00)

Waxing & Hair Removal for Men

Brazilian Bikini Wax $75.00
Eyebrow $18.00
Back or chest wax for men $45.00

Additional Treatments

Glycolic Acid Treatment (exfoliating treatment) with facial $25.00, separately $30.00 for a limited time (reg. $35.00)

Paraffin Treatment for soft supple skin-recaptures moisture loss, eases fine dry lines, smooths and hydrates the most sun damaged and dehydrated skin $15.00

Dr. Murad Vitamin C Treatment $30.00

Hot Aroma Therapy Treatment with Paul Scerri oil. Nourishing, regenerating, excellent after facial $15.00

Thermal Masque (France) $32.00

* Paul Scerri * Murad * Jane Iredale * Brenda Christian * Tend Skin * Elly’s Products *

Additional Treatments